Thank Him

There’s this overwhelming sense that everything in your life is finally on the right track and you couldn’t be happier, something dreadfully terrible could happen but you know deep inside that it wouldn’t phase you. God has taken even the most maddeningly painful situations and turned them around for your good. God is truly amazing. Have you ever tried to take a situation of your own and try to turn it around for the better of someone you care for? It’s hard but possible, but not without God. Trust me, if you try doing something without His constant protection and guidance, you will fail, miserably. Been there, done that, messed up wayyy too much. Just give it up. Is it really worth messing up your life to not ask God for help?

So when everything is going alright does one cut off that constant protection? Surely not, one cannot maintain such a place of well-being without God. Don’t you just love knowing you helped one of your close friends or even someone you barely know through something? It gives one a sense of meaning, like you’re actually accomplishing God’s plan for your life. But what when you’re almost positive you helped them, but they NEVER thank you or tell you that you really helped them, what does that make you feel like? Probably rejected and a little “undemeciated”. But isn’t that how God feels when He fixes every aspect of our lives and He never gets a thank you? Never let Him go un-thanked and/or un-praised. Just take some time and right down a list of 10 things that have gone amazingly well the last 2 weeks or so, it could be ANYTHING. Look at this list and take each individual thing and write down what could’ve happened to mess it up. Now look at your list, God has saved you from those things actually happening. Now make another list, of things that have gone wrong the last month, 5 things this time. Look at them and write down how God has used those things for your own good, what you’ve learned, how it’s changed you, what you’ve gained, ect…

and never forget to thank Him.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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