The narrowest of paths

Everyone seems to say the narrowest path is the best, down that path is the best possible future. Why is that? Is it because it’s a narrow path? Or could it be the very reason this path is so narrow? People tend to not be as afraid of failure as they are of success… Failure isn’t all that scary, you can always get right back up, but when you succeed, where does one go from there? That I believe is why the paths to success are so narrow. But what is it anyway? Everyone takes a different path some are easier and taken by more, some are narrow and overgrown with weeds so few people walk them. I’ve had a tendency to take the most narrowest of all paths. Living a life of diversity is an incredible thing, but there is nothing like living a life of diversity in the center of God’s will. Most who live in diversity come off as a little strange at least, but have no fear, we are indeed stranger than we appear to be. When trying to walk down this narrow path of diversity, prepare for people to disagree with your choices, that’s just part of going this way. They think they’re protecting you by trying to pull you off the narrow path, but no this is where you want to go. Keep moving forward, God’s lighting your way ahead. If you’re like me, your path isn’t just simply smaller than everybody else’s, it’s the narrowest of all the paths. Walking down this path you might trip a few times, you might get a little messy, you might even feel like running back and taking a wider path, but no, you press on. After a while the path seems to become a part of you, while it’s tough you wouldn’t leave it for almost anything. God is leading your way and this narrow path seems like the best of them all, you wouldn’t dare try an easier path. Even though it never gets easier, it becomes enjoyable, you smile with a sense of joy, knowing that the road you’re on right now can lead you to something even greater.

You’ve always gotta remember these things if you want to live happily; Always trust God to lead your way, smaller can be better, never give up.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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