“My hat is biting me!!!”

So this is my 101st post I thought I’d make it special. This past Wednesday night was an absolutely amazing experience. It started with the usual, as I was walking through the warehouse I walked up to a group of people and the first thing I heard was Craig Bezer yelling “My hat is biting me!!” So that was the beginning of the night. Then we all gathered in front of the bleachers for the Cha-cha Slide ^_^ what fun, except lame people like Kalee wouldn’t join in with us :P. Then we all lined up on the two taped lines on the floor and “danced” to some song about ice cream and cake or something haha technically only Jake and Craig actually danced. xD So then AB wrote numbers on our hands and we split up into groups. This is where the amazing deepness starts. We broke into small groups of about 5 people each and answered the question for each other “if you really knew me”, it was amazing to hear all the testimonies. Twentyfour/7 is a safe haven where we can be honest with each other and grow in Christ. After that was done we all came on one side of the line and Pastor Tammy asked us to cross over if the sentence she spoke. It was quiet, honest and pretty much everyone cried once or twice. WE all learned something new about each other, and something new about God’s love for us. It was amazingly powerful. And to add to all that the band led is into one of the most amazing Praise and Worship services I’ve ever been in. Our God is truly amazing beyond words. I love my youth church, it is truly a blessing in my life. I have a hundred billion different ways I could answer that question but I’m going to say this one.

“If you really knew me, you’d know that without me going to Twentyfour/7 when I did, I’d be dead right now.”

How will you answer the question?

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

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