You know when there’s that one thing in your life that drives you crazy? Yeah that thing, no not that one, the other one, yeah that one. Well sometimes it can drive you crazy. It’s always there, when something starts going really good, when you finally have something worked out, it’s like that annoying twig that snags and unravels your shirt as you’re walking through the woods. What can you do about it? When you try to break the stupid twig you find out it’s one of those new green ones that won’t break no matter how hard you try. At this point one is tempted just to leave it there but in a short burst of vengeance finds a weaker spot further down the limb and snaps it off only to scrape your leg with it or poke yourself in the eye.

Either way if you break the stupid twig or not, you walk off with an annoying stray string hanging off your shirt and many more twigs ready to snag it again, what can one do to avoid this? Learn to bend away from the twigs? Jump away from their reach? HA I highly doubt that will work. Jumping from one side of your narrow path to the other will only get you in the tiny hands of a whole new set of twigs. So your only option is to somehow find away to become invincible to these twigs. But now they have sharp thorns on them, and the air is getting colder, and now your shirt is torn. But you are at a loss, there is no way you can possibly break all these twigs off and you have somewhere to go. Then from behind you a familiar face shows up and wraps their arms around you, the two of you walk in unison and they seem to take all the snags of every single twig. They stay right there with you, not only warding off the evil little branches but also protecting you from the constantly worsening cold air.

“Who is this person? Why do they protect me?” Might go through your head once, then you just have to look up at His face, and you know instantly, your path has just become bearable.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


2 thoughts on “CONFUSING O.o

  1. Marck says:

    You just need a like button. 😉

  2. rachelmae says:

    you do need a like button…& a LOVE button…LOVE

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