Lost in the rain

So it’s been raining pretty much all week and I’m sure you can give me a hundred if not more reasons why you don’t like the rain; cancelled plans, makes you sleep in, makes driver harder, traffic, messes up your hair, gets something of yours wet, ect…. BUT I have some things I love about the rain; it can make any plans you have even better (ninja wars, tetherball, swimming, shopping in Costa Rica, ect…), yeah so you get your hair wet, you should try it some time, it’s FUN, yeah you slept in, so go run out in the rain, it wakes you up faster than moping about it, sure it makes driving harder and longer, just don’t forget to bring some kinda music with you cuz you’l have plenty of time to finish it, ever heard of an umbrella? DUHHH

Anyways, so this morning I walked out in the rain and just got lost, I felt like little again, you can just spin in circles and get your feet wet and nobody’s there to stop you. So yes I jumped in a couple of puddles and got soaked, so? It’s not anywhere as bad as the rains we got in Costa Rica, nor as awesome but aside from that, it’s an amazing thing to watch the raindrops hit the puddles or when they don’t quite mix and there’s a little drop of water floating on the surface hehe.


One thought on “Lost in the rain

  1. rachelmae says:

    I love it when it rains(:

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