Back on track

So, you know what it’s like to temporarily lose that close-knit relationship with God right? It’s a tough thing and during that time we tend to act like someone else. What causes this to happen? Allot of different things can cause this but the first, most common one, also the answer to step one, your quiet time with God.

Maybe you’ve never had one, maybe you forgot yours, maybe you just got so busy it no longer fit into your schedule. No matter what happened there’s only one solution.


You might say something like you don’t have time, but hey, if a car runs out of gas and you’re late, are you going to get out and push it to your destination and come back for gas later? Of course not, that would be something I like to call STUPID. Yes, I admit, it’s happened to me too. God is the ultimate friend, He’s always there and there is nothing except ourself that can keep Him away.

So, step one to fixing this mess is your quiet time, but you can’t just have one and say “there i did it, now what’s step two?” no. You have to keep up a consistant one. Don’t let it slide.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


One thought on “Back on track

  1. Vanessa says:

    Thanks Tori! Your amazing! God bless you!

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