A shiny rock…

So the other day we were at falls lake with the Hassell’s and Mitchell’s. We had an awesome time haha… But me and Kalee were talking near the shore and she stepped on this rock and picked it up. At first it looked like any plain old rock but if you put it in the light it was extremely shiny. I thought it was really neat, actually you can look at it in a few ways but I’m gonna share the first two that came to mind when I saw it.

1 you could compare it to people.

You were created in  God’s image. Thats an amazing thing but you gotta remember, so was everyone else. Just because thier life is a wreck and they’re having some tough times doesn’t mean they don’t have potential, everyone does. (Yes even them) But only if someone puts them in the sun to help them grow in thier potential instead of just watching them sink under the water. We all have God’s light in us, we’ve just gotta let it shine.

2 our world

Life can get really grey, tough, boring, stressful, “dark”. But if you can put it in the light or look for the positive parts, it can be beautiful and “shiny”. Yeah sure it’s hard, tough, and all that but look on the bright side, it has a good ending. Life is worth finishing. Don’t loose sight of your goals and you’l make it through alright, you’re awesome. 🙂

Livelong and prosper, Tori.


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