Letting go and starting fresh

Today we can say goodbye to Matt, my computer, forever. I finally got the courage to wipe him fresh and start over. He will of course keep his name, and the important pictures, music, and files he contains. But in this difficult process I’m going to get rid of all the junk he’s built up in these past five years. The reinstillation has been a tough one, and some things that happened during it scared me a little.

So I thought I knew exactly what I was doing at first (and later proved myself to be completely wrong) until I realized that my computer was like a computer five years ago. It even was trying to connect to dial-up and there was no sign of wireless capabilities. All my files were gone (which was the least of my concerns since I had access to them through my external drive), all my programs gone, and now my computer wasn’t doing anything normal. So after a couple hours of trying to fix it myself I put out a call for help on facebook. Finally I got the answer and put in the driver disk. But now I have two drives on my computer… But I’m fixing that (I think) and when I’m done Matt (my computer) should be good as new.

When you change something, anything, this majorly, there are bound to be issues. No matter how hard you work around them, there will be issues. They might be small ones that are easy to deal with, or they could very well be huge ones that cause lots of trouble. Either way, the end result is worth it.

Have you ever felt like your life has too many issues to deal with? Maybe you need to crash and reboot your life. My computer had waaayyy too much junk on it from being used by a 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 year old. So I had to crash it. Sometimes in our life, thats all we can do, only we can’t reboot by ourselves. No, only God can reboot us. But the crashing process is tiring, and at one point or many points, you will feel like you’ve lost everything and wish you could go back. When you’re in that point, life seems meaningless. Sometimes when I’ve been in that point there are only a few things that can get me out of it. 1. Worship music -just play a worship CD and praise the one that made you, it helps more than anything. 2.Pray 3. Look at pictures of things you’ve done with people who you mean allot to. 4. Look at things (notes, things that people have given you) that prove you mean something to somebody else. 5. WAKE UP -snap out of it. You are awesome. God loves you, and you have plenty of people in your life who love you, you can make a difference, don’t give up.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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