So I’m not the only who’s been changed these past few years. I wasn’t the only one standing in the back of the worship center with my arms crossed a couple years ago. In fact almost everyone was. Very few people were anywhere near the front and ABSOLUTELY NOBODY was in the front. If you saw 24/7 anytime rrecently you’d have a hard time believing it yourself. We’ve grown allot too. I remember a time when I at least knew the name of everyone in the warehouse week to week. Allot of the teams didn’t have A & B teams because they were so small.

But now, I couldn’t possibly know everyone’s name, the teams have gotten HUGE, and praise and worship is amazing and powerful. A good portion of the students are up at the front to the point of touching the stage, participating in praising the only one worth praise.

It’s amazing how things change. God is growing Twentyfour/7 everyday as we fufill our mission to “Know Him and make Him known”. Not only has it been a big part in changing me, but it’s changed itself over the years.

Sure it has room to grow, we always will, thats just part of life. But the changes that have taken place are AMAZING.

Live long and prosper, Tori.

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