The wonders of reading

Books, such an amazing thing. Easy to forget about the real world when your submerged in a fantasy one. Or you could do the opposite and completely identify yourself or those you know with the character in the book. I find my self wishing I knew these characters, wishing they were in my life, but then… I think hard, I look around, they are! Just a little different. I can identify all my favorite characters with either my self or people really close to me, or other people… haha. But honestly, no matter whats going on around me, when I pick up a book it all seems to vanish. A while ago I was reading the last Jihad and I found myself in Erin, her personality was very similar to mine and her life was one I wouldn’t mind living, and now I’m reading the Inkheart series and part of me lives there in the inkworld.

It’s a strange feeling putting a book down, it’s as if all of a sudden you have entered a different world. A world in which it’s your responsibilty to ensure your place in it, not your imagination’s. A world that is real, a world that is tough, a world that is draining, a world that you can’t close when your frustrated with it. Your only escape is to reopen that book you held in your hands. But where’d it go? Then you’re stuck in this world until you can find the time to escape into a good book again. But it doesn’t have to be so bad, does it? No, this world isn’t completely terrible. Look around, there’s plenty to be thankful for, but sometimes we just need a quick escape. Maybe I’m just weird and nobody but my clone, Vick and my Hazel, Kalee feel the same way about books, but nonetheless it helps. Writing, now thats another story but I’ll talk about that one later.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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