I heart you V

My dear Twin, today you turned 14. You have been a huuuuuuge blessing to me this past year. I can’t even begin to name all the memories we’ve built. You listen to me, when I just need to talk, you encourage me when i feel like giving up, you understand me when few others do, we could talk for hours and still not get tired of each other, I heart you my twin,

One day we’l take that walk ❤ one day very soon I hope. We have the greatest of times together, even when there’s problems between us, they don’t last long. Remember just singing for no apparent reason in Costa Rica, everywhere we went, remember our first sleepover, remember our photoshoots, remember all those times when we played in the rain, remember those times when you’d tell me I had no idea and I’d say prove it.

Remember spending all day together yesterday ❤ I’ll always be there for you V, even though I’m creepy like that and can figure it out anyway, it won’t hurt to tell me when you need help. God has big things planned for you, don’t let certain situations cause you to lose sight of that.

You’re amazing don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. We’ve had many memories and more to come I’m sure. I want you my twin, to stay a part of my life for the rest of it. Even when nobody else understands you, I will, and for those times when I can’t, don’t worry because I’ll still be by your side.

Have an amazing birthday V. I heart you (and hear you 😉 haha) I love you, your twin, Tori.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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