15 and counting

So two days ago I turned 15. Fifteen years is a long time. Turning 15 made me think about my life, on my birthday I looked back, what has my life been?  How was being a 14 year old different than being a 13 year old? What’s it gonna be like being 15? It’s a scary idea, 15… Wednesday was my fifteenth birthday and if i must say it was quite shakky ^_^

It started out with me waking up late-ish (If you can even call 7 late for your birthday :P)  and then my mom drove me to driver’s ed. Quite a boring 6 hours of my birthday but I did get to talk to Julia and Sammi a little bit. I’m sooo excited, I can’t believe I’ll be driving soon…. So yes after that my mother came and picked me up and we went home for a little while, present time!! haha Alix got me the awesomest movie in all of entire history To Save a Life!!! Now I’m not gonna tell you what everyone got me, thats just not gonna happen 😛 haha Then we went to Red Robin for lunch and I got the Red Robin Royal burger ^_^ yummm (This is where AB would say “you eat like a dude”). So yes, we finished dinner just in time to make it to church a little bit early. My Twin Victoria Danielle Mitchell baked me cakes as a present! ❤ I heart her. They are very yummy. Shortly after that it was time for LA prayer and then getting the warehouse ready for Twentyfour/7!

It was the first night of the new series Take it to the Bridge, on worship. Aaron had an AMAZING message, it really touched me. Not to mention Praise and worship was awesome. Worship is a life style, not just a song.

After service a bunch of us went to dairy queen and met Vick and Drew there. We had an EPIC time. Vick took soo many pictures but something happened to her camera and we lost most of them 😦 but I still got a couple and I think she had 26 left. So yes, it was my different friends all in the same place again 🙂 what fun. Colin started mimicking Jordan and Evan while they were talking about skateboarding, Nat had a “sacred hat”, we fit all of us on a four person table, and just had an amazing time, of yeah and DQ turned their lights out on us 😛

Overall my birthday was amazing and I really want to thank all of you who had a part in making it that way, yes all of you. Even those who think that you didn’t really help things, you are close to me, thats what matters, you had a part in making this one of the best birthdays ever. love you guys ❤

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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