Red Blueberries

So we have this blueberry bush in our backyard, so me and my sister have to go and pick the berries off of it a couple times a week all summer. Well after that long of picking these crazy berries you notice something, some of the reddish purple ones (they are quite bitter and icky) have a lair of blue almost dusty stuff on the outside of them. But you don’t notice the dusty stuff until they are already picked and in the bucket. The other day I was out there picking them and I was almost positive I only picked blue ones, but sure enough when I looked in the bucket I had quite a few red and purple ones in there, whats up with that? So it got me thinking, this dust stuff acts as a mask to make me think I’m picking good, yummy, sweet, BLUEberries, but instead I get tricked into picking bitter red and purple ones…

Sounds like people huh? Poser berries, makes you think they’re something they’re not…. “oh Tori I’m your friend, I’m a sweet BLUEberry!” no, you’re red and i know it so stop trying to trick me. Don’t let red blueberries trick you. They’re out there for sure. You’ve just gotta rub off the blue dust. Oh yeah, and don’t be a red berry either, sometimes we (I say we as in including myself) have to do a life check, make sure we’re not being unfaithful friends. Don’t be a red berry!! 🙂 ❤

Live long and prosper, Tori


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