Words to write

It’s hard to write when I write to much and then re-write it again, I guess thats what I get for thinking so much… I could have written about 300 blogs by now but I keep erasing them and re-writing them, like you don’t even know I re-wrote even this at least 4 times by now. I’ve just got to many words to writ but most of them never make it out, one day I’ll get them right, but till then this’l have to work… Writing is an amazing tool, but it’s something you have to get used to, something thats hard to learn… When you’re like me, writing is even harder because I have to be very careful of every word to hold my mind in the right balance. If I say the wrong thing, it might be taken wrong, then of course I go into overload thinking so much about it. So even though I have so many words to write this is why you see so few… I’m workin’ on it. Everyday God helps me with it and one day I’ll finish some of these I’ve started or publish one I finished weeks ago, I know I think too much…  The Lord is changing me a little bit everyday, thanks for sticking around.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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