Happy Birthday Blake!!!!!!

Yes I’m in Costa Rica right now, that just proves how ninja I am 😛 jajajaja. My friend Blake Bill Na-ham aka Blake South aka Blake Naiman’s birthday is today! I just wanted to say have an awesome random birthday you pan-head wanna-be 😛 haha vroom vroom I’m on a bus! Actually I might be because when this posts I’ll be in Costa Rica! 🙂 Blake Na-ham, you’re awesome even though as of now I’ve only met you in person once and you just used all the coffee creamer 😛 haha but from the nikki and ashley movie, talking to ya on the phone, XL livestream and talking to you on fb i can tell you’re pretty awesome haha. Even though you might never get why Kalee calls me a na-ham, bahahahaha, yeah but I’m not the one who stalks you, that would be your stalker 😛 have a great birthday Blake! You are a pretty awesome ninja. Talk to ya when I’m back from Costa Rica and for the rest of yall, wish Blake a happy birthday in the comment thingy right below my sign off.

Live long and prosper Blake may your days be many 😛 haha 🙂

Live long and prosper, Tori.As you might can tell Blake is pretty random 😛 but he loves God and his church which also makes him awesome. Happy birthday Blake!!


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