Redo (deja vu?)

So Tuesday the Raleigh Seahawks had their first meet of the summer! Up till then we had gone 2.5 years undefeated. Swimming in this meet brought back memories from the past meets. But while all meets are very similar none are the same. The pressure is different, who actually shows up varies, and then there’s the other team. Some of the teams are nicer than others, some meets are just easy, sometimes we have the whole team, sometimes a good part of it is missing.  But no matter how the meet went we all ended up having an awesome time. Thats about all that repeats completely. Even with losing we managed to have a great time. It always feels weird getting back into the summer schedule but tons of excitement comes with it. Energy seems to come out of nowhere and we all seem to be better than we thought during practice. But outdoor pools are allot different than TAC 😛 I’m still a little out of shape and my flip turns are a little rusty but we can still pull together and have a great rest of the summer!  Of course no swim meet is complete without the paparazzi aka Vick, Sarah, Me, Marck, & Lizzie ^_^ sheesh why do people block pictures… don’t they know better 😛 I will not be at next weeks meet due to me being in Costa Rica!!!! But I’m sure the Seahawks will do awesome!

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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