Impact vs Credit

Some people tend to weigh things they do according to how many people give them credit for it. Most times the people who deserve credit for something never get it. For example look at a company’s graphic, automatically you attach it to the company, but rarely would you know who actually designed it. Everything on this earth the credit should go to God, you might say well I did it, well guess what? He was the one who made you able to do it. Also you might think that just because nobody noticed you that you didn’t make an impact. Some people are quiet and they won’t tell you what difference you’ve made in their life, but they really couldn’t imagine living without you. Also you don’t know who’s testimony you are a part of, you could have very well changed someone’s life and not even know it. Let’s just say impact and credit are two very different things. Never underestimate what you do just because you think nobody notices. You are making an impact in lives every day, it’s up to you what kind of impact it is. Someone who looks up to you could very well be led down the right path, or you could completely throw them off. You can’t choose who looks up to you, but you can choose what they are looking up to. In everything you do, three things should come to mind:

1.Is this glorifying to God?

2. Is this something you would want others to do to you?

3. Is this the example you want your peers to follow?

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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