Counting Down

So you know I’m going to Costa Rica in 10 days right? 10 DAYS!!!!!!! I absolutely cannot wait any longer! But while I’m waiting, my mind is going crazy! This is my second mission trip and also my second time out of the country. I can vividly remember when I was counting down from 100 days. I don’t just want to go to Costa Rica, I don’t even want to just minister in Costa Rica. I want to make a difference in Costa Rica.

Flashing back to last year, I can remember the first day. I woke up at about 2am (don’t ask me why) and I was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. I had packed everything I needed, my dad was coming too but for some reason he didn’t wanna get up till 4 😛 That was the one of the longest 2 hours of my life. So after they were over I downed a cup of coffee (probably a bad idea if you know me :P) and continuously asked my dad when we needed to leave. Finally about 15 minutes later he said we could go, alix didn’t wanna wake up but I told my mom bye and it was time to go. I don’t even remember the car ride there but I do remember pulling into the airport. Every plane we passed just built more and more excitement. Finally we actually got to walk into the airport and maybe 20 minutes later I spotted Pastor Tammy. Then slowly the rest of the team showed up. She ran over the basics of the airport rules again and we put blue duct tape on all our bags :). Then it was time to go through customs ect… Finally we boarded the first plane.

I could continue to bore you with my excitment but I think I’ve proved the point. When you’re excited for something every single second seems like hours but the second it’s all over it seemed to only have been seconds. I am creepy like that and I can vividly remember all the details but most people when it’s over, you forget how much it meant to you. This year we are gonna make a huge difference in Costa Rica. I can’t wait, I’m ready to drop everything right now and go but I’ve still go 10 days :P. But hey, I want to be prepared. Don’t let things slip away from you because you weren’t prepared. Let everything in your life define you. If something is in your life you wouldn’t want to be identified with, get it out. Live your life to glorify the Lord. This trip is gonna be amazing, I can’t wait to make a difference in Costa Rica.

Live long and prosper, Tori.

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