Baptized!!!!!!!! -again

So as some of you may know, I got baptized this past Sunday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might wonder why, so here I am to explain it. about 8 or 9 years ago I “got saved” then maybe a year later I got baptized. Honestly, I don’t think I understood the concept at all, it was almost a peer pressure thing. Over those years, (till about three years ago) nothing changed positively in me. I was a stuck-up, dorky, brat, commitment fearing (I hated anything that had to do with me doing any work), lazy, shy, selfish and probably annoying jerk. I mean really, had you told me that I would be completely sold out to Christ serving as a leader assistant I would’ve thought you were insane. Then we started trying out this new church (LWFC) and I saw people who were actually committed to what they were doing, honestly I was jealous. You can read my testimony when it comes to switching churches here but thats not what I’m talking about now. So, after I had a complete life change from that something seemed missing. I no longer had any problems whatsoever with commitment or serving, actually they are things I enjoy very much now. But there was something that was holding me back, I couldn’t think straight and sometimes I felt like I kept asking, but God wasn’t answering. So my life continued, one stressful day after another, I seemed to lose my usually optimistic self somehow. Then I got it, Pastor Steve did a message on baptism quite a while ago but I didn’t think that it had anything to do with me. But I had never been baptized after I re-committed my life to Christ, so I started thinking about it, talked to a few of my friends about it, then I missed it. It would be another month before the next baptism and I was determined not to miss this one. So this past Sunday came around and I was ready. I signed up, Pastor Tammy talked to us about baptism for a little while, Aaron Brown picked on me :P, and then it was time. We walked into the baptistery and Pastor Tammy motioned me to get into the water, after that it all went so quickly, but as soon as she said “In the name of Jesus I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit” and I went under and came back up, it felt like something had been lifted off of me. I felt energy rush through me.

Something happens when you obey God’s command, when Jesus set the example for us, it wasn’t just a simple suggestion. I have a new energy in me now, I can think clearly, and more importantly, I can hear God more clearly. Life is tough, nobody ever said it would be easy, but with God on our side, who can dare to be against us?

Live long and prosper, Tori.


2 thoughts on “Baptized!!!!!!!! -again

  1. rachel says:

    you know what’s funny about that…my story is similar about my baptisim…

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