I heart you

For those of you who didn’t know, this past week my mom was in Costa Rica. During that time, my amazing friends the Mitchell’s, let us come and stay at their house with my 3 year old brother Colin, and my one year old sister Nikki. We had the bestest time. Victoria is my twin, we went on walks, epic splash fights in the pool, ate candy, laughed, talked, and just hung out. I am so blessed that God put her in my life. This week could very well have been miserable, but instead it was amazing. Never underestimate the power of friendship. Thanks for being such a good friend my twin, even though you go “OMG” crazy haha, I love you. Thank you also to the rest of the Mitchell family who put up with us Wallace’s. We can yo… lose a baby sharky in the middle of the road, dream bahahaha creepy dreams…, being photographers cuz thats what we do, telling Matt to go study and hanging up, thinking and then realizing we’re thinking the same thing, doing the crazy stuff together that nobody else would do cuz we’re cool like that. 🙂 “heeeyyyy”

I heart you my twin. Anybody who doesn’t know V aka my twin, you should meet her. Cuz you’re missing out if you don’t know her. 🙂 When you’re with your friends, have fun don’t care about what the people watching you think, who cares if you look stupid as long as you’re having fun :). So just have fun with your friends and family, who cares what “they” think.

Live long and prosper, Tori.

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