Hard as it seems

Either it’s harder than it looks or easier than they say…

today I started working on a T shirt. At first I was thinking it was gonna be to hard and that it could never actually work. So I started working on it, it seemed like a simple concept, crop out a certain part of one picture and put it on a blank canvas. Simple right? haha no. The pen tool wasn’t working right and it kept messing up. It took me like two hours just to set the area because my computer was being slow. Then came editing the picture. My goal, a perfectly black and white high contrast picture of me and my twin. At first I tried to mess with the contrast then go B & W, but that didn’t work at all. So finally after I cropped out the picture, I messed with the contrast, drained the color, and amazingly, it worked!

Sometimes life is like that, we’ve got all the settings right, but we applied them in the wrong order therefore messing up the picture. When I tried to make it B & W before I cropped it, I couldn’t tell the difference between my twin’s hair and the trees behind us. Sometimes we put the finishing touches on the situation before we crop it out right if ya know what I mean.

The challenge, crop out your life, see what God wants you to do, BEFORE it goes B & W on you and you can’t see what you’re doing. When you’re in your quiet time, God can reveal the steps you need to take next in your life, it looks easy, but when you get out there and things go B & W on you, it’s hard to know what to do. Sometimes things in your life that would’ve taken you just a couple of days or even years could take you exponentially as long just because you put the wrong step first. So watch your steps, write them down for crying out loud. Sheesh, us teenagers write everything on our hands and arms, write a little reminder on which path you need to take first on your wrist during your quiet time. Love you guys, you’re awesome, never forget that.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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