The Bowling Ball of DOOM (LOTRL2)

Hello, so if you haven’t noticed this is my second blog from Lord of the rings, if you haven’t yet, I would suggest you go and read yesterday’s post “stupid frodo”. Once again, if you have some kind of delusional issue and you have never seen these movies, GO WATCH THEM NOW. Then come back and read these blogs 🙂 thank you.

V,QK, I know that the title is the bowling ball of doom, but that isn’t where I’d like to begin. Pippin and Merry are probably the most energetic of all the characters and they are both awesome. Let’s begin with Pippen:

Some people, cough(KALEE)cough don’t like Pippin for some reason…. Pippin is always hungry haha he is the youngest member of the fellowship, very cheerful and sometimes thoughtless (which gets him into trouble allot). He might make the wrong decisions most of the time, but when it really matters he comes up with the bestest idea ever! After all it was Pippin who dropped his brooch when they were kidnapped by the orks. Later when he found the “bowling ball of doom” aka the Palantír of Orthanc, he foolishly decided to sneak it away from Gandalf and look at it. He didn’t know what it was but it caused him to have a terrifying encounter with Sauron. Also later his impulsive thinking saved Faramir’s life from the creepy Denethor which I won’t go into that… haha Also earlier he knocked a skeleton over into a well alerting those creepy things of where they were but still, Pippin has his moments. He is after all still the youngest. Pippin is quite awesome.

Merry on the other hand is more perceptive and intelligent. He still messes around with Pippin but he knows when it’s time to get serious. He and Pippen were attempting to distract the orks when both of them were captured. But they succeeded in letting Frodo sneak away. When he was told he couldn’t go to war with the rest of the army, he took it hard but instead of fighting back he just started waling back to the camp, until Éowyn (who also wasn’t supposed to be going) picked him up and they both rode to war. While Éowyn distraced the Witch-king of Angmar Merry stabbed him and then Éowyn of course finished him off. He thinks into things much more than his life long friend Pippin. Merry is definitly one of my favorite characters (along with Pippin, Legolas, Sam, and Gimli). Also Merry is quite awesome.

But even more awesome, the friendship between them. They are an amazing example for two sided friendship. While Sam was a good friend to Frodo, it didn’t necessarily go both ways with them. Pippin and Merry had an awesome friendship. They were both always there for each other. They make up for each other’s weaknesses.  And yes, they have fun together. But when Pippin made the mistake of playing with the bowling ball of doom. They had to be separated. Sometimes in order for friendships to grow, they must be temporarily separated. They weren’t apart very long, but when they were reunited they knew they could not be separated again and their friendship was even stronger.

Second awesome would be their personalities against the rest of the Fellowship. When the rest were completely serious, Pippin was hungry. When others were quiet, one of them (most likely Pippin) would do something loud. They were never afraid to laugh and have a good time no matter what had happened in that short amount of time. They joined the Fellowship by saying “hey i want in too” I mean, how awesome is that? haha

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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