Stupid Frodo (LOTRL1)

This is my first in my series Lord of the rings lessons, why am I talking about LOTR? Because I just watched all three of them and i really love them, and they’re awesome movies, and there are many lessons and examples in them. PS If you have never seen the LOTR movies, please, go watch them and come read this when you are done. I am writing this to people who have seen these movies and it will give them away if you read this before watching them. Thank you, Tori.

While there are many lessons you can learn from LOTR, one of my favorites is true friendship. Pippen and Merry, Sam and Frodo, Gimli and Legolas… But as (hopefully) you can tell by the title, today i’m gonna talk about Frodo and Sam.

So we all know that Frodo was VERY stupid right? If not, you have issues lol…. but anyway, the ring drove Frodo to be extremely wacko and he did some stupid things to Sam. But even after he believed this creepy liar (Gollum) with issues, Sam still stayed with him, even after Gollum talked Frodo into believing that Sam was to blame, and Frodo told him to leave, Sam came back and saved Frodo. After all the stupid things Frodo did, Sam stayed loyal to him. Can  you imagine your best friend in the world going insane, blaming everything on you, believing some lying creeper over you, and telling you to go away? Would you stay loyal to them? Sam had true commitment, when Frodo tried to go off on his own (we all know he would’ve never made it)  Sam followed him into the water, knowing he couldn’t swim. Frodo was the complete example of a jerk, hypnotized by this possession, the ring of power, it seemed wonderful, but it was killing him inside. It made him feel powerful, it seemed to call to him, but behind his own back it was turning him against himself, slowly sucking away at his life. But Sam stayed with him no matter how big of a mesmerized jerk he became, Sam always knocked him out of it when the ring was attacking him, and then when they came to the point when they were yards away from victory, Sam carried Frodo to the end. When Frodo became so crazed that he didn’t want to give up the ring, Sam was there. And Sam stayed there with him to the end. That is true friendship.

I think we can all take a lesson from Sam. All our friends do stupid things, nothing really to the extent of what Frodo did, (I’d hope so anyway) but are we anywhere near as loyal to them as Sam was? Do you stick with your friends and come back to them no matter how stupid and jerkish they are? Think about it.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


One thought on “Stupid Frodo (LOTRL1)

  1. Random says:

    Interesting :). I think you are right. And yeah I am watching the movie again, right now at the point of him in “the two towers” where he is holding up the ring in the nose of the dragon and the ghost thingy, sorry do not remember what it’s called.. one of the dead kings. And he’s so incredibly stupid I just laugh whenever he does something new and stupid. I understand though it has a lot to do with the ring, but come on xD haha

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