A Photographers Eye

So being a photographer, I tend to see life like a picture. Sometimes it’s better and sometimes it just confuses everyone around me. If you don’t know what I mean here are the three most important parts of photography (to me) aka the way I see things:

1. Perspective.

It’s all about the angle, you could have that eye-catching award winning photo, but the angle is wrong therefore meaning the photo didn’t capture what you actually saw with your eyes.

It’s easy for me to take this into a real life situation and try to see what it would look like to someone else. Sometimes it’s very helpful, sometimes it just confuses me even more.

2. Timing

If you don’t have the right timing you could totally miss out. Like say (I really love capturing moments with photos) one of your friends is attempting to jump off something and someone else happens to be in their way but they don’t see them. You could take the photo at any time during that jump but if you took it to early it just looks like two people randomly bring there. If you took it to late, they are probably both on the ground and nobody seems to know what happened.

Well life’s allot like that, you have to catch the exact moment in life for your input or it won’t be noted. You need to know when those you love need comforting, it won’t help a day late. You need to have good timing in saying something because if you say it at the wrong moment it could be taken the wrong way. Even actions, you might mean the best but your timing was terrible and it didn’t make a difference. But if you get the best timing ever you could get the situation even better than you had expected!!!

Now how do you achieve perfect timing in life? Well in photography you have to train yourself to learn your shutter button, in life you can’t do it alone. God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us with things like this, in the Bible Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as a counselor. Pray and ask God for wisdom for timing in your life.

3. Focus

You know that perfect picture (well maybe you don’t if you’re not a photographer but stay with me here…) well I should say would’ve been perfect picture but someone walk in front of your camera enough not to be in the shot but completely ruins your focus. Well I shouldn’t have to explain the life application to this but just in case you don’t get it here I go.

So, your life is all on track, you know what you’re doing and why. God’s in your life all around you, your walking in love, and just before you reach that major goal, someone causes you to lose your focus. Could be anyone, friends, enemies, family, or even people you don’t know really well. But it doesn’t matter, they just walk in front of your life’s camera and you automatically lose your focus.

Like there are special lenses for cameras to prevent that, there are things you can do with your life to keep it from happening, I’m not saying people won’t get in the way of your lens, you’l just be prepared to quickly move and still get the shot.

-Keep your quiet times steady

-Don’t let people bother you

-Read the word daily

-Get someone to help you be accountable

Hope this helped! 🙂

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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