So you know what it means to overlook something right? It doesn’t seem important to your selective eyes so you mentally skip over it. Well, normally you missed out on something that really wasn’t supposed to be under your radar.

“Tori, your supposed to be talking about under looking whatever that is, not overlooking….”

Sheesh I’m getting there. So basically underlooking would be the opposite. I was in my room not an hour ago and this crazy awesome lightening storm was goin on. At first I didn’t see it, but I saw a light out the window. Of course me being myself I HAD to see what it was. So I looked between the blinds and I saw on strike. It was amazing! But it was fairly smallish. So I quickly pulled up the blinds (my windows are very tall lol). But after I did that I could see it even more! I was staring at it for like 15 minutes. Then I headed down the stairs, when I got to the bottom step I looked out the front door. You couldn’t even tell there was anything going on! I ran back up the stairs to see if it was already over but it had gotten even bigger! I couldn’t see it out any of the downstairs windows, but it was epic. So it made me think. Sometimes in life, we need to “run up the stairs” and check whats really going on. Cuz from down here, all we can see is the results.

So pray, let God show you the bigger picture, pull up the blinds and see the amazing work that He is doing! Quit underlooking the big things in life and look up!

Live long and prosper, Tori.


2 thoughts on “Under-looking?

  1. my13thsummer says:

    I love this. You didn’t happen to take any pictures…?

  2. thanks, and no 😦 If I had an SLR I could’ve gotten one but my camera isn’t fast enough

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