Never underestimate

Never underestimate, the power of a look,

the power of a word, the power of a hug,

the power of a hit, the power of true friendship,

the power of growing, the power of impact,

the power of a thought, the power of action,

the power of prayer, the power of praise,

the power of encouragement, the power of criticizing,

the power of caring, the power of trust,

the power of ignoring, the power of distrust.

Everything you say, do or think matters, and it should be all given to Him, for without Him could we really do anything? Live your life as though you were the only person RE-PRESENTing Him. He is my role model, my mentor, and my example in every way. You could save someones life just by asking them how their day went, you have no idea what they are really going through. Be there for them. You might be the only representation of Jesus they’l ever see…

Live long and prosper, Tori.


2 thoughts on “Never underestimate

  1. my13thsummer says:

    I will never underestimate you, friend. Never.

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