Lesson from Superman

So superman was pretty much invincible because he wasn’t from this world. He had 2 weaknesses, He couldn’t see through lead, and Kryptonite weakened and could eventually kill him. He made the mistake of thinking nobody was out to get him, and told the world (via media) his weaknesses. That exposed him badly and his invincibility was threatened. His enemies knew exactly what they had to do to stop him because he wasn’t careful about covering his weakness.

Sometimes I think we do the same, we complain (exposing our own weaknesses) or judge (exposing those around us). Don’t let the enemy know your weakness. Every time you complain about what upsets you, guess what? THe enemy is listening, he can’t hear your thoughts but he can hear your words. Don’t expose your weaknesses or those of the people around you especially without knowing it. Don’t let the enemy get that kind of foothold in your life.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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