A girl named Victoria

You would never think one person could change your life would you? Well you are wrong. haha 🙂 Well So many people have changed my life, but I wanna tell you about one named Victoria Danielle Mitchell aka Tiffany. I could tell you soo much about us recently but then you wouldn’t know our unique first meeting. You’d also probably assume we were friends the first time we met too, but you’re wrong again 😛 haha.

It all started one night in Octoberish 2008. My sister had a friend over, and she spent the night. Well somehow they managed to get the rest of her family to come over for dinner the next night, including her sister Victoria. So we split up, parents in one room, kids in the other. So I was thinking, ok she’s only one year younger than me, let’s see what she’s like. But some of the first words out of her mouth were “I hate the British dude who killed Gabriel my love!” She obsessed over that the whole meal, then she started vividly and violently describing how this guy chopped up the other guy into tiny little pieces. She continued to talk about other violent stuff with the scariest violent face I’d ever seen! Then they all came up into my room after we ate and swung around on my bed, especially her little sister Savannah. That night I decided there was no way I could talk to someone so weird every again…

About a year later, her and Kalee moved up into 24/7. I became really close to Kalee at Vision Quest (I’ll tell you about that sometime later), and immanently after coming back she introduced me to Victoria again.  At first I scared her, and she was still weird to me, we didn’t get along very well. Kalee didn’t like that. I got Kalee to join Welcome team with me, and as ninjas we really scared V, I would come up to her and Kalee, and she’d run away. She wouldn’t join welcome team with us, too much happening with the s’mores… 🙂 She is chocolate. Then came the bonfire, my first time at her house. The inconspicuous moments…. haha. Awkward dancing with Kalee in the middle of the warehouse… 🙂 haha Then I saw her at the womens conference at LWFC. We were both going to the Christmas party 🙂 and we couldn’t wait.


A night neither one of us will forget, not only did we have an awesome time at the Christmas party, but we had our first sleepover :). Yes, the whole Mitchell family came, but we had fun talking about rowboats and such 🙂 haha. After that we slowly started getting closer. Sadly she couldn’t make it to Xtreme Winter with me and Kalee, but she spent the night with Brielle (Kalee’s sister) while we were there. We went through some guy drama with her and learned some valuable lessons. So when Me and Kalee returned we had our triple sleepover :). Oh how fun that was, things were changing in all of our lives, and we were becoming better friends than any of us would’ve ever imagined. We had ninja fights, yummy hot chocolate and fudge! Skyped with the sisters who were at kalee’s house. “No they aren’t in the room *FLASH* uh-huh…” hahaha fun fun, Angelfood “Hope you have an excellent day!” haha Angelfood had never been so fun. Then Me and Victoria got to hang out in the snow 🙂 her dad pulled us behind his truck on a sled, and we epiclly failed and fell off the sled leaving epic fall marks 🙂 Then both of us were so clumsy that it took almost an hour to get back to her house cuz we couldn’t walk 5 steps without tripping over each other in the snow. Not long after that came the Superbowl, of course we were going for the Colts! We made our famous colts cookies for the first time which brought on many inside jokes 🙂 then Victoria decided to be a traitor at last minute and swithc sides 😛 jajajaja. Oh and lets not forget the fun of the picnik war…. 🙂 Shredding Ert-Pat, hanging out after Leadership update, and then we all signed up for Costa Rica! 🙂 haha

Me and Victoria decided to do photo shoots for Costa Rica. She came over to our house with her Bartering pie and cleaned with me 🙂 haha. Which brought the invention of Ick, which now we both use very often. 🙂 Then that night Andrea, then next wednesday came the cone of shame hahahahaha. I could go on to tell you all about Ignite and all that happened between then and now, but I think I need to just skip to the life lesson because those of you who don’t know us are probably getting bored of me listing our inside jokes 🙂 haha.

So, Victoria was in a relationship right? And there was some communication issues happening between them, she thought he was trying to move too fast, he thought she was going to slow ect… So she needed to tell him that, but she told him in a chat window instead of face-to-face. Well, she had worded it wrong, and it hurt him. She got upset because he was upset and it turned into a big mess. So they both came to me individually, asking for advice. I found some helpful bible verses, devotionals, and lyrics. We talked about for a while and finally they both talked about it. It all worked out! It just goes to show that if you have something that important to tell someone, tell them in person or at least on the phone, there is no emotion in chat windows and it’s easy to take things the wrong way. There is nothing to replace the value of face-to-face. And before you spill you thoughts, pray about it. There is always a better way to say it. Don’t leave God out of your relationships, also He gave us friends to help us through stuff like this, talk to them about it, pray with them about it.

Well thank you for reading about my awesomely amazing friend Victoria. I love her, she is beautiful, she is amazing, she is talented, she is vivacious, she is violent haha and even more… Nobody could replace her in my life, every single one of my friends plays a unique role in my life and I just wanted to tell you a little about her :). We are photographers and thats what we do :). Love you V.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


5 thoughts on “A girl named Victoria

  1. alley says:

    wow tori that was absolutely amazing! i am sure v will love it!

  2. Victoria says:

    I love you… 🙂

  3. Vanessa Sanchez says:

    I hope I’ll get to meet your fiend soon!

  4. Love you too 🙂 and yes Vanessa, it won’t be to long… 🙂

  5. my13thsummer says:


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