LIFE (don’t let it get you)

You know, that thing that we all do, the thing that happens even though you had plans, the thing that can mess up what would have possibly been the best day of your life, yeah that thing. Well we all live it and don’t really have a choice, but what our attitude is, is up to us.

So I challenge you. Every time you have a bad day, think of 3 good things that happened that day. No matter how hard or easy it is, it will help, or when your upset, watch, think about or talk to things/people who make you laugh. It’ll help 🙂 now go and have a good day despite what LIFE throws at you.

They wanna see me gone they wanna see me crawl
They wanna shut me up untill I cant speak at all
They wont let me up they wanna see me fall
But it aint nothing cuz I done seen it all
Sometimes I feel like I cant breathe at all
I lie awake at night I cant sleep at all
I got no strength to fight I cant shake it off
But that’s the time in my life when I hear you call
You say hold tight you say hold on
You say it’s alright you say stand strong
Cuz my whole life I got a plan and all
So I don’t worry about a single thing that happens y’all
Say what you want you can talk on
I’m a get on up and I’m a walk on
Now I ain’t giving up until I’m long gone
So why don’t you step it up bring it on y’all

You aint never gonna take me down
(so you see I ain’t gonna break)
Your never gonna take me down
(you can’t stop what you can’t stop) (you can’t stop what you can’t stop)

So that was You’ll never take me down by Kj-52 just thought the lyrics really touvhed this subject 🙂

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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