Music in your spirit

So, music is harmless, right? Wrong. What you listen to feeds your spirit , it’s important that you fill your spirit with uplifting music. Now I’m not telling you that you can’t listen to you non-Christian music, and I’m not judging you for what you listen to. I know this from personal experience and Iv’e heard it from leaders I look up to. Yes, I know what I used to listen to was nothing like real secular music you could say, but it sure wasn’t uplifting my spirit. I couldn’t stand Christian music, it annoyed me. I wasn’t allowed to listen to or own secular music for a long time so I just didn’t listen to music. Now I couldn’t possibly imagine doing that haha. But I started listening to tobyMac, but that was it. I would still listen to the crazy Disney channel music (Once I was allowed to). I didn’t care to see what all was out there, until ATF (Acquire the fire). I heard Unhindered for the first time, they were amazing, but still, I couldn’t find any of their music, but I wanted some Christian music. I asked Alicia for some of the songs that 24/7 band played and got some of those, then little by little, my friends introduced me to what they listened to, I loved it! And Iv’e been more happy you could say, more optimistic maybe? I don’t know exactly how to describe the cnage Iv’e had since I started listening to Christian music but it was big! Now thats pretty much all i listen to. You might wonder how in the world can I just listen to Christian music, well here are SOME of my favorite bands that I listen to, tobyMac, Skillet, Flyleaf, Unhindered, VOTA, KJ-52, Switchfoot, Lecrae, and Fee.

Now, don’t go and judge people who do listen to secular music, and don’t think I’m saying that you have to stop listening to it yourself, but you should try to balance what you listen to. I hope this helps, and if you want to know some songs, just ask.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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