It’s gonna be alright

Ever just felt like giving up, giving in, or just had a terrible day? Well one song that ALWAYS helps me when i feel like this is Alright by casting pearls (VOTA). The lyrics are extremely amazing.

Hey Weatherman, I don’t understand I think you said clearly clear skies was the forecast today
(but where did they go) Well I’m lookin west
I see cloudy skies at best and to the east storm clouds are headed this way
(Lookout here they come) What good does it do me to worry about tomorrow
well it’s all in your hands so where you lead me I’ll follow
Everything is going to be just fine you know that nothing can stop me now
Rains fallin from the sky But my day is shinning bright
this love has gone and turned my world upside down
and is gonna alright… alright
You’re givin updown in the dump this lifes so rough too tough
had enough before you get out of bed ( Get out of your bed)
Lift up your head my dear friends this tunnel does have an end
I think I see light ahead your wasting time no need to worry about tomorrow
It’s all in his hands He will lead…. Will you follow?

Now if that doesn’t make sense your crazy. We have the choice of how we live our day, circumstances come and change unexpectedly and we can’t do anything about that. But what we can do is have a good day anyway. The question is: Will you follow? He can show you the good in your day no matter how bad it seems. God can help you make it through the day/week/month/year(s). Sometimes, you might feel beet up, like everyone is against you, everybody does. Your not the only one out there having a hard time. ‘But why are they happy then?’ Because they know the meaning of this. Take it, use it, live it! It will change your way of thinking, and will in turn change your life for the better. Try to see the good in every day. Start your day off by praising Him tomorrow morning, try it every morning, see how that changes your day. What are you looking forward to in the next 8 weeks? what about in the coming week? What happened in the last 8 weeks that you enjoyed? what about last week? ask yourself this question every you feel down or upset. Remember, it’s gonna be alright.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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