Life is a journey, and usually one that you would not expect.  They tell you that being an adult is different, but no one really prepares you for how different it is.  I’ve gone from a spectator and a dreamer, to living out my dream across the country from my hometown.

The pencils I sketched my dreams out with have turned into permanent ink, and it’s exhilarating.

No matter what you learn as you grow, there comes a time when you learn it was all wrong.  Whether you thought math was only composed of simple numbers, or that God didn’t really ask anything of you, one day you learn that your world has always been a little twister or upside down.

I’ve found a ray of light in a world of chaos, and as I cling ever so tightly to the joy of living it out, I’m living a life fulfilled.  Like a fish having lived on the land for years, I rejoice in the depths of the ocean.  The waves may swarm and there are certainly sharks, but my heart is immersed in His waters.

Standing at the edge of a new sunrise, I’ve found hope on the horizon.  My life is a journey, and this has been a new book in the series entirely.  I’ve learned that falling in love with my savior is more important than any other relationship, and that falling in love isn’t all bubbles and giggles, but in includes toiling days and long nights, with those special moments in the midst.

However, I’ve also learned what it means to have a childlike heart, and how far I am from that sometimes.  On the port of the opposite shore, I’ve found my heart is growing to the skies again.  I write because I have lived, now, whereas before I wrote only because I dreamed.  It’s quite a journey, to finally discover who you are.

Through the Word, stories, animes, movies, music, adventures and the toil of everyday life, I am becoming someone I could have only dreamed of being.  When life is at your fingertips instead of in the clouds, the skies seem a lot less clear sometimes, but I’m learning to lean on my Rock.

It’s humbling to realize that I don’t have a fraction of the answers, but relieving to have people to ask, and the sharpest Sword in hand.  Life’s a war, and you must fight or you most certainly die quickly.  Though, when I die, I pray I die in the service of the Lord.

From here on, I can only imagine things becoming more difficult, and sunsets more beautiful, as well as the days shorter.  So I intend to enjoy it and thrive in the rest of this life that I have to live.  I am just on the brink, after all.

~Tori Lynn


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